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'Use of AN554 software'
1998\01\20@053522 by Steen Jensen

Thanks for your help with my I2C problem. I have now found the AN554
application note, and it gives me another question. When you download the
source code and extract the ZIP file you will get about 20 files. How do I
use them correct ?? There Is a file called I2C.asm which I think is the
main program. But as far as I can se are none of the files including
macro's (I2C_low.ins and, included in the I2C.asm file. And
what about the header file I2C.h. Please help me in useing all these files
in the correct way !!

With kind regards
GDK-SSJ - Steen Schelle Jensen
Dept.: 1545
Internet e-mail:

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