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'Update to: [EE]: PCB proto supplier?'
2002\07\30@110626 by Pic Dude

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Bunch of additions, and some adjustments in this version.

Some answers/explanations:
- I used 100 holes per circuit (generally 1600 holes per 12.8" x 8" board).
- I assumed 6 drill sizes.  See updated assumptions on sheet for more info.
- "PCB" refers to "circuit" (I can get 16 PCB's on a 12.8" x 8" board).
- Shipping costs were included (or esimated) to Texas.  That's why the
   slightly larger number for Olimex, etc.  Hopefully I did not miss any.
- I did miss AP Circuits, but added them now.  Also added Minnitron, PCB
   Train, Proto-line, Sierra.
- Added a gut feel section for the non-numerical factors such as turnaround
   time, ease of ordering, etc.  Price is important, but not everything.

I'm sure I'm forgetting to mention something, but I'll let you know when I
do.  Please remember that this exercise was done for *my* sample circuit,
to get a better picture of how the costs vary by quantity, etc.  YMMV, but
hopefully you can find some helpful info from it.


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2002\07\30@111332 by Kevin Blain

Nice work Neil.

Minus points for them being non US eh? I would have thought it should be
the other way round!

Regards, Kevin (UK)

> {Original Message removed}

2002\07\30@114731 by Pic Dude

Heh, heh, heh.... only from the point of me being in the US.
For items other than PCB's, extra points if they're in London,
Ibiza, Paris, Hawaii, etc. :-)


> {Original Message removed}

2002\07\30@120822 by Alan B. Pearce

face picon face
>For items other than PCB's, extra points if they're in London,
>Ibiza, Paris, Hawaii, etc. :-)

Especially when you have to do personal pickup and delivery 8-}}}}}}}}}}

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