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PICList Thread
'Unwanted Periodic Interrupt'
1996\12\09@210437 by Chong Wei Pang


       Can anyone help me with this problem. I am using the PIC16C65A for my
I use MLAB 3.12 in simulation mode to do the programming. Since 65A is not
in the list
of processors  simulated by MLAB, I choose 74A. The problem I encounter is
that I
keep on getting periodic receive interrupt during the simulation. I really
wonder what
have I missed out. How can I get receive interrupt when there is nothing to
it? I wanted to use the USART receive interrupt but I just cannot figure
out why it
keep on interrupting me periodically with nothing to trigger it.

       Is there any configurations I need to set in MLAB or any registers I nee
to set?
I have turned of al the other unwanted interrupt ( at least I think ) by
setting the
values of INTCON to B'11010000', PIE1 to B'00100000' and PIE2 to
All assistance will be greatly appreciated. Pls. bear with me if the
question seem to be


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