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PICList Thread
'Unsubscribe Suggestion'
1995\12\03@012900 by Ben L Wirz

       There seems to be constant confusion and wasted bandwidth about
unsubscribing from the PIClist.  I suggest the maintainer add a sig line
to all messages explaining how to unscribe from the list.  This works
sucessfully on other list servers.  At least then you can make fun of
anyone who can't figure out how to get unsubscribed:)


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1995\12\03@024937 by Eric Smith

> At least then you can make fun of
> anyone who can't figure out how to get unsubscribed:)

Well, I won't make fun of them since I've been totally unable to
unsubscribe my old email address ( based on the
instructions.  The list server may be sending it to an address on a
specific machine inside Telebit, but I can't figure out which one, and
I've tried sending unsubscribe messages from all the likely candidates.
I've even tried forgeing (sp?) unsubscribe messages from machines that I
can't actually send email from.

I currently get two copies of everything since my old email address currently
forwards to the new address.  I have my .procmailrc file set up so that the
copy that gets forwarded from my old address goes directly into the bit
bucket.  At some point the old address will start bouncing everything, so I
guess either

1) the list server will automatically unsubscribe it
2) the list server will complain to Jory, who will unsubscribe it
3) the bounces will get to the list itself, and annoy everyone else so
  much that *they* all unsubscribe themselves

Hopefully it won't be #3.


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