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'Unrecognized recipient in message'
1996\11\30@053628 by peter

face wrote:
> You recently sent a message to spam_OUTdennis.berryTakeThisOuTspamNashville.Com which could not be
> delivered.  There is no person with this name at The Nashville
> Exchange-http://WWW.NASHVILLE.COM.  Typically, this is the result of a slight
> misspelling or the omission of a period between the first and last names.
> Your message was delivered to the mail clerk, TNE POSTMASTER, since your
> intended recipient was not recognized.

I have sent lots of these messages back to this tosser but
to no effect
Indeed to get their attention last time I sent 2.5meg with it
they must be dead, stupid or dead stupid
please unsubscribe "" from the piclist
Peter Cousens
snailmail: Peter Cousens, karteros, Heraklion, Crete, 75100, Greece,
phone: + 3081 380534,    +3081 324450   voice/fax

After Bill Gates announced to the world that he was Microsoft,
his wife was asked to comment. She said that as his wife, she
had been the first to notice this problem

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