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'USART Rx Sampling'
2000\03\24@074640 by Scott Dattalo

According to the the c63A/c65B/c73B/c74B data sheet

  "The data on the RC7/RX/DT pin is sampled three times
   near the center of each bit time by a majority detect circuit
   to determine if a high or a low level is present at the
   RX pin."

Does anyone have a more concise definition of "near the center of each bit"?

This is what I'm guessing:

First of all, the receiver samples the rx pin at 16 times the baud rate. If you
label these samples 0 through 15, then I'd guess that the three samples near the
center of the bit would be the 7'th, 8'th, and 9'th ones.

Also, I'm assuming that a "majority circuit" to mean that if 2 out of the 3
samples are high then the rx pin is high, otherwise it's considered to be low.


2000\03\24@081523 by Andrew Kunz


Your assumptions are what would be reasonable.


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