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'UPDATE PC (DOS) IRQ Clearing'
1998\12\28@144106 by Andy Kunz

I think I've tried everybody's suggestions about sequence, value, timing, etc.

None of them work.  The machine gets locked up, or 95 kills the DOS task,
or 95 gives a blue screen exception report.

I can't believe it's that tough!  And going back to the first interrupt
controller only isn't a very feasible option.

Come on, guys!  I'm counting on you...



 Andy Kunz - Montana Design -

1998\12\30@045824 by Dr. Imre Bartfai

if there is a 95 (maybe Win'95) as a framework, then you can forget the
whole stuff IMHO... :-(


On Mon, 28 Dec 1998, Andy Kunz wrote:

{Quote hidden}

1998\12\30@084505 by Andy Kunz

At 10:48 AM 12/30/98 +0100, you wrote:
>if there is a 95 (maybe Win'95) as a framework, then you can forget the
>whole stuff IMHO... :-(

It works fine for all except IRQ 9, which is reasonable to expect.  Win95
is a nice conglomeration of DOS-support and protected-mode.

Sorry, Imre, but the world moved on past DOS a few years ago.  I just
haven't plunked down the bucks for a new compiler (I'm running MSVC 1.5,
which is the LAST DOS compiler MS shipped.  It's on my MSVC 2.0 CD) because
99% of what I do is on a PIC.  Sometimes I have to make a driver for things
that go onto ISA backplanes (yes, I know, I should be using PCI).  I
deliver a DOS prototype, and let the customer spring for the WinNT driver.


Andy Kunz - Statistical Research, Inc. - Westfield, New Jersey USA

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