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PICList Thread
1999\07\23@170439 by Simon Redwood

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I am trying to read information from a 24C02 eeprom through the parallel
port using C.  I can successfully random-write.  But when it comes to a
read, I cannot get my information back out.

Are timings all important when doing using the parallel port to read a i2c
eeprom ?

The CLK is controlled by the ~STROBE pin on the parallel port, does this in
turn mean that I control the speed at which the chip is running.

If anyone out there has small C program that can do a sequential or random
read of a 24C02 and is willing to elp I would be most  grateful.

ICQ: 12226096

Pin 1 parallel ->    SCL(CLk)
Pin 2 parallel ->    SDA(DAT) write
Pin 13 parallel ->  SDA(DAT) read

1999\07\26@042124 by root

a question: how do you power your 24C02 EEPROM? Did you implement the
required pull-ups? Remark, that some parallel ports give only about 3V
when high, and maybe 0,8V (ughh!!) when going low...

Check the levels!

I hope this helps.


On Fri, 23 Jul 1999, Simon Redwood wrote:

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