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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'Timer0 and Timer1 don't Go'
1994\08\23@074130 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\08\24@065025 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\08\24@065025 by crocontroller discussion list
'PICs & Real Time Clocks'
1994\08\25@151026 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\08\25@151853 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\08\25@153136 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\08\25@153551 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\08\25@155042 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\08\25@190615 by crocontroller discussion list

'PIC Seminar Date/Time Distribution'
1995\01\15@172534 by crocontroller discussion list

'Bug with TO (TimeOut) flag in PIC16C5X'
1995\02\22@172834 by Michael Brinks
1995\02\23@022154 by Andrew Warren
1995\02\24@035818 by Michael Brinks
1995\02\24@205250 by Andrew Warren

'c64 timer1'
1995\04\24@081101 by Edward Cheung

'Real-Time Clock for 16C84?'
1995\05\17@175717 by Henry Carl Ott
1995\05\18@053243 by Conny Andersson
'Real-Time Clock and other problems...'
1995\05\18@054526 by divanov
'Real-Time Clock for 16C84?'
1995\05\18@101526 by Aaron Sliwenkski
1995\05\18@103229 by Jordanis Haralampopoulos
'Real-Time Clock and other problems...'
1995\05\18@111056 by KG Systems
'Real-Time Clock for 16C84? (PIC's and TICs)'
1995\05\18@115354 by gorden

'first time programming questions'
1995\08\16@155311 by Mike Keitz

'Ok, this is the last time... I promise.'
1995\09\21@224611 by Andrew Warren
'16C62X and its timers.....'
1995\09\27@155729 by Paul Greenwood
'Setting MPSIM Cycle Time'
1995\09\28@202539 by on, Peter John
'16C62X and its timers.....'
1995\09\28@205729 by BBoles
1995\09\29@140206 by Paul Greenwood
1995\09\29@162037 by BBoles

'Exposure times to erase EPROM PICs?'
1995\10\02@174111 by Falstaff
1995\10\02@195254 by Jim Scorse
1995\10\02@202901 by Falstaff
1995\10\03@125844 by BBoles
1995\10\03@132619 by Steve Chandler
1995\10\03@133659 by Jim Scorse
1995\10\03@225642 by Andrew Warren
1995\10\04@004003 by Jim Scorse
1995\10\04@103827 by Paul Greenwood
1995\10\09@164927 by Martin McCormick
1995\10\09@165343 by Martin McCormick

'Self-timed bus protocols (was: slave & master conf'
1995\11\20@121318 by Martin Nilsson
1995\11\21@031052 by John Payson
1995\11\21@031052 by John Payson
'Wake-up time on PIC16C84-04'
1995\11\23@035307 by adrian
'Self-timed Serial bus Protocols'
1995\11\23@122455 by Martin Nilsson
'Real Time Clocks'
1995\11\30@093658 by mfahrion
1995\11\30@171828 by mike

'Real Time Clocks'
1995\12\01@043106 by Philippe TECHER
1995\12\02@001047 by Wynn A. Rostek
'Can't change prescaler for TIMER2 on 16C74'
1995\12\26@090254 by Edward Cheung
1995\12\26@092621 by Edward Cheung
1995\12\26@103225 by Shel Michaels
1995\12\26@111033 by Edward Cheung

'long time delays'
1996\03\14@210207 by Everett Cox
1996\03\14@223530 by Andrew Warren
1996\03\15@065113 by Andy Errington
'Startup time after SLEEP'
1996\03\18@054355 by Paulo Soares
1996\03\20@133306 by paul
1996\03\20@202510 by Siegfried Grob
1996\03\21@162525 by Scott Dattalo
1996\03\21@192029 by paul
1996\03\26@225459 by Scott Dattalo
1996\03\28@012308 by John Payson
1996\03\29@205848 by paul

'Timer 1 As RTC?'
1996\05\01@181238 by rrasa
1996\05\15@083152 by Botha, LM
1996\05\15@100941 by Mark Peterson
'Using a PIC16C5x as an accurate time reference?'
1996\05\19@032206 by NEIL GANDLER
1996\05\19@132513 by William D. Thomas
1996\05\20@043914 by Luis Goncalves
'Precise Timer with RTCC'
1996\05\22@024427 by Botha, LM
1996\05\22@052106 by Keith Dowsett
1996\05\22@060954 by Chaipi Wijnbergen
1996\05\22@063857 by Clyde Smith-Stubbs
1996\05\22@074819 by terogers
1996\05\22@114041 by Edwin Park
1996\05\22@122837 by Benjamin Tober
1996\05\22@135818 by Reginald Neale
1996\05\22@154242 by Mark Peterson
1996\05\22@165035 by Reginald Neale
'Analizing AN555..+ serial timeout'
1996\05\23@021022 by Edwin Baaij
1996\05\29@020635 by Edwin Baaij
1996\05\29@024446 by fastfwd

'MPLAB(again!) and Real Time OS'
1996\06\06@052818 by John B C Walker
'Real-Time Software'
1996\06\10@081339 by John B C Walker
'timer1 on 16c65'
1996\06\10@154141 by David E. Queen
1996\06\11@214242 by Steve Hardy
1996\06\12@122329 by David Schmidt
'When is an external watchdog timer necessary?'
1996\06\12@151350 by NEIL GANDLER
1996\06\12@222536 by Mark K Sullivan
1996\06\14@030309 by Rodger Richey
'PIC Erase Times'
1996\06\17@071324 by John B C Walker
1996\06\17@080759 by Newfound Electronics
1996\06\17@092847 by John B C Walker
1996\06\17@131206 by Newfound Electronics
1996\06\17@152206 by Todd Peterson
1996\06\17@171846 by Newfound Electronics
1996\06\18@020221 by fastfwd
1996\06\18@064523 by Robert Lunn
1996\06\18@073350 by eyal
'Newbish questions on project & timer.'
1996\06\29@220351 by Mr Andrew V Cerasuolo
1996\06\30@211902 by Mark K Sullivan
1996\06\30@233839 by Steve Hardy

'Newbish questions on project & timer.'
1996\07\01@091335 by Martin Nilsson
1996\07\01@093225 by Kalle Pihlajasaari
1996\07\02@001920 by Steve Hardy
'TIMER 2 Interrupt Question:'
1996\07\09@122330 by Anson Fung
1996\07\10@041159 by Chaipi Wijnbergen
'R/C Timebase'
1996\07\16@204701 by Ken Parkyn
'Time delays'
1996\07\17@052628 by Keith Dowsett
1996\07\17@062402 by fastfwd
'R/C Timebase'
1996\07\17@092459 by Mark K Sullivan
1996\07\17@153909 by fastfwd
'Real Time Clocks (implementing)'
1996\07\25@112446 by Brent Pollock
1996\07\25@114406 by Mark K Sullivan
1996\07\25@122753 by Peter L. Taylor
1996\07\25@165633 by Don McKenzie
1996\07\25@224916 by owler, Gary
1996\07\26@035747 by fastfwd
1996\07\26@035951 by Don McKenzie
'Time Delays'
1996\07\26@073220 by E C McNab
1996\07\26@074457 by Don McKenzie
'Real Time Clocks (implementing)'
1996\07\26@092328 by Mike DeMetz
1996\07\26@092748 by Clyde Smith-Stubbs
'Time Delays'
1996\07\26@094233 by n/a
'Real Time Clocks (implementing)'
1996\07\26@094251 by Lee Jones
1996\07\26@095904 by Lee Jones
1996\07\26@102341 by Mike DeMetz
1996\07\26@122024 by Walter Banks
1996\07\26@133935 by mike
1996\07\26@150505 by fastfwd
1996\07\26@174956 by Tom Van Baak
1996\07\26@175001 by Tom Van Baak
1996\07\26@180858 by Tom Van Baak
'Real Time Clocks in Arizona'
1996\07\26@213334 by Brian Boles
'Real Time Clocks (implementing)'
1996\07\30@131022 by Tom Van Baak

'Activating timer1 module'
1996\08\05@114736 by Shawn Perkins
1996\08\05@115412 by Mark K Sullivan
'What time is it?'
1996\08\28@083734 by Mark Jurras
1996\08\28@104125 by nogueira
'Watch Dog Timer problem on 16c74????'
1996\08\29@073020 by ostandal
'watchdog timer'
1996\08\30@115048 by Micheal Yano
1996\08\30@120704 by Brian Boles
1996\08\30@120832 by Byron A Jeff
1996\08\30@130543 by james
1996\08\30@133642 by Micheal Yano

1996\09\25@205957 by RNANDO LOPEZ CLIMACHI
'IRQ problem using 16C74/Timer2'
1996\09\30@180247 by Hans J. Ziegler
1996\09\30@195634 by Peter Grey

'IRQ problem using 16C74/Timer2'
1996\10\01@044346 by Hans J. Ziegler
1996\10\01@050503 by Robert Lunn
1996\10\01@073238 by Peter Grey
1996\10\01@125249 by Hans J. Ziegler
1996\10\01@125253 by Hans J. Ziegler
1996\10\01@131129 by Ray Gardiner
1996\10\01@143612 by fastfwd
1996\10\01@161406 by Shel Michaels
1996\10\01@184947 by TONY NIXON 54964
1996\10\02@035822 by Shel Michaels
1996\10\03@080143 by Hans J. Ziegler
1996\10\03@080152 by Hans J. Ziegler
'12C50x timers'
1996\10\11@085453 by Mark A. Corio

'16 Bit Timer on a PIC 84'
1996\11\11@203134 by Peter Homann
1996\11\11@212852 by Robert Lunn
1996\11\11@220041 by Peter Homann
1996\11\12@062120 by Gerhard Fiedler
1996\11\12@102348 by Martin J. Maney
1996\11\12@175907 by Robert Lunn
1996\11\12@184230 by Martin J. Maney
1996\11\12@191546 by mike
'Time Loops'
1996\11\13@033234 by VIKRAM BAJAJ
1996\11\13@041148 by Stuart Taylor
1996\11\13@052640 by efoc
1996\11\13@084222 by root
1996\11\13@101823 by myke predko
'32KHz Oscillator startup time.'
1996\11\13@115925 by Mike Hogben
1996\11\13@143725 by Martin McCormick
1996\11\13@153826 by peter.troester
1996\11\13@185119 by Kalle Pihlajasaari
1996\11\13@220325 by TONY NIXON 54964
'32KHz Oscillator startup time.'
1996\11\14@035632 by Tony Grimer
'Time Loops'
1996\11\15@172233 by R.Kunert
'help:Kart Racing time control'
1996\11\19@054126 by
1996\11\21@034337 by Lee Jones
1996\11\21@142250 by id John Philip Bodger
1996\11\21@192448 by Tony Matthews
1996\11\21@233710 by Hank Gupton
1996\11\22@195515 by Tony Matthews

'lcd write times'
1996\12\06@055630 by Michael S. Hagberg
1996\12\06@062359 by Kalle Pihlajasaari
1996\12\06@104416 by myke predko
1996\12\06@191240 by Tony Matthews
'Development time'
1996\12\11@143327 by Chuck McManis
'timer 1 counter problem'
1996\12\30@163332 by Dr. Craig Hollabaugh

'# times tried to signoff NG'
1997\01\06@200606 by John W. Gutmann
1997\01\07@180312 by hoss karoly
'12C50x Watchdog timeout, and strangeness on output'
1997\01\27@063911 by Frank A. Vostenbosch
1997\01\27@070440 by Jan van der Watt
1997\01\28@105804 by Miller, Steve

'Skip instruction execution time...'
1997\02\10@111754 by Mattias Engstršm

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