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'Thnaks for the Information'
1999\08\17@164504 by Panos Kenterlis

For Mark Willis.

Thank you Mark very much for helping me. I am sure the information you gave
me will be very handy.

 \||||Y||||//    Panos Kenterlis
 [.]~[.]-d)  Technological and Educational Institute of Piraeus
  |  U   ||/    (BSc student)
  | '==' |      Athens - Piraeus
   \_L_/      Greece

1999\08\18@144251 by Mark Willis

Hey, I'm glad I found the URL etc. on those LCD panels, too.  I'm
seriously thinking Car Computer, here...  (Just what *I* need, Yet
Another Machine To Maintain <G>)


Panos Kenterlis wrote:
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