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PICList Thread
'The usual'
1997\09\27@051043 by Andrew Warren

Hi, Philip.

Ok... This week's list is pretty long; I've been working 18-hour
days, so I've amassed a larger selection of listening material here
than usual:

   1.  The Fairfield Four - Standing in the Safety Zone
   2.  Willie Nelson - Stardust
   3.  Ani DiFranco - Dilate
   4.  Enya - Shepherd Moons
   5.  Jimi Hendrix - Axis: Bold as love
   6.  Miles Davis - Kind of Blue [the new one, remixed at the right
   7.  Ella Fitzgerald - The Intimate Ella
   8.  Kool Moe Dee - Knowledge is King
   9.  Hole - Live Through This
   10. John Hiatt - Bring the Family
   11. Marlene Dietrich - The Essential Marlene Dietrich
   12. Elvis Costello - All This Useless Beauty
   13. B-52s - Cosmic Thing
   14. Beatles - Abbey Road
   15. Frank Sinatra/Duke Ellington - Francis A. and Edward K. [did
       YOU know that Duke Ellington's real name was Edward Kennedy
       Ellington?  Weird, huh?]
   16. Sade - Best of Sade
   17. David Bowie - Changesbowie
   18. James Brown - Live at the Apollo
   19. Jimmy Buffett - Songs You Know by Heart
   20. Trio - Da Da Da [yes, it's the same "Da Da Da" that's in that
       VW commercial]
   21. Freak Nasty - Controversee [I know, I know... But I can't
       help it]

I have no idea what THIS collection means -- it's certainly not as
obvious as the punk-and-angry-rock'n'roll collection I was
listening to last week -- but I'm sure you'll tell me.

Hey... I picked up that Patricia Barber CD.  DAMN, that woman can
sing; her version of "My Girl" is so good that Motown should just
fucking GIVE her the song.

If you want to hear something in a similar vein, get a copy of
Chesky's "Women of Song" sampler... It includes Rebecca Pidgeon
singing "Spanish Harlem" and -- I swear to God -- Sara K doing an
acoustic version of the Commodores' "Brick House".  If you care, the
disc also contains two or three songs from Christy Baron, Badi Assad,
and Lori Lieberman.

The "Women of Song" disc has been in my car's CD player for about the
last month... I'm seriously considering buying another copy so I can
leave it there forever and still enjoy it on the home he-man system.

And speaking of which... Have you decided whether you want that
Counterpoint amp?  Now that I've got the new system working right,
I'm ready to get rid of all my old equipment... So if you don't want
it, I'll just start advertising.

If you know anyone who wants the other pieces, let me know... I'll
have to research the prices a little, but I think I'll probably end
up asking around 60% of retail.  So far, I'm sure that I'm selling
the following:

   Counterpoint HC-818 preamp
   Counterpoint Solid-1A power amp
   NAD 502 CD player
   Audio Alchemy DDE 3.0
   Audio Alchey DTI active digital interconnect
   NHT Superzeroes on Target stands
   NHT SW-2P sub with NHT MA-1 amp
   Bell'Oggetti Fort'Angelo equipment rack

If I can find one of those Forsell transports at the right price,
I'll also sell the Counterpoint DA-11 and DA-10, and that
heavily-modified Harmon-Kardon HD7725 player.

Of course, then I'll have to find another DAC, and I have NO CLUE
what I'd buy... Although if you happen to run across a Levinson 30.5
for less than $5K, you can feel free to send it to me C.O.D.


P.S.  I found the Ani DiFranco info; she'll be playing the Paramount
     on October 25th at 8 pm.  Call 303 443-5858 for tickets.

     Let me know if the Denver show's as great as I think it will
     be, so I'll know whether to get tickets for her San Diego show
     in November.

=== Andrew Warren -
=== Fast Forward Engineering - Vista, California

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