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PICList Thread
'The PICLIST Fund Report -- 25 November 1996'
1996\11\25@183744 by fastfwd


It's been WAY too long since I posted the last PICLIST Fund update.
Here's the latest information:

The donations have been arriving steadily since I started the Fund,
and it now holds over EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS!

The following good people (and a number of others who've requested
anonymity) have contributed to the fund... If the PICLIST improves in
the future, you have them to thank:

   Shel Michaels, Clyde Smith-Stubbs, Reginald Neale, David and
   Wanda Benson/Square-1 Publishing, Don McKenzie/DonTronics, Mike
   Riendeau, Bob Blick, Walter Banks/Byte Craft Limited.

To those of you who've already contributed:

   Thank you!  The money you've donated will really help Jory make
   improvements and additions to the PICLIST.

To those of you who plan to contribute but just haven't gotten around
to it:

   Send those checks today... The Fund doesn't collect MUCH
   interest, but every little bit helps.

To those of you who aren't interested in contributing to the Fund:

   I'm sorry for wasting your time with these Fund Reports... Be
   assured that they'll appear only once every week or two while the
   Fund is open, then never again.

To those of you who have no idea what the Fund is all about:

   The PICLIST Fund FAQ is available on my company's web page:

   Please read the FAQ and, if you have any questions, feel free to
   send them to me in PRIVATE e-mail.

By the way, there's some new information in the FAQ, so everyone who
hasn't yet contributed should read it before sending a donation.

Remember:  Everyone CAN contribute, but no one HAS to.

Thanks again to everyone who's already contributed to the Fund.


=== Andrew Warren -                 ===
=== Fast Forward Engineering - Vista, California          ===
===                                                       ===
=== Custodian of the PICLIST Fund -- For more info, see:  ===
=== ===

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