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PICList Thread
'The PICLIST Fund -- Last Call'
1997\04\09@035349 by Andrew Warren


As I mentioned a week or two ago, I'm just about ready to close the
PICLIST Fund account and send the money I've collected to Jory Bell.

I'd planned to close the account last Friday, but a couple of checks
arrived that day, and another arrived yesterday.


If any of you have recently sent donation checks to the PICLIST Fund
and have NOT received an e-mail confirmation from me, please send
me a private e-mail as soon as possible and let me know.

If I receive no responses to this message by tomorrow (Wednesday)
afternoon, I'll close the account then.



=== Andrew Warren -
=== Fast Forward Engineering - Vista, California
=== Custodian of the PICLIST Fund -- For more info, see:

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