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PICList Thread
'Thankyou all for the supoport'
1996\06\04@023818 by Jattie van der Linde

I've made an Inquiery with regard to Dallas RTouchmemories and PIC
micrcontroller interfacing. This is the best support I've received on
the Internet on any product thus far. I've got several options to
investigate now.

This is really a great forum/support group.

I onley recentley started out with PICS. I do process control
applications and I do a little C programming using Labwindows CVI from
National instruments. I've also got lots of Nice gooddies for Pics. Lots
of software and there is also a local guy who build a cheep ICE using a
PIC. U dont need an Expensive POD for every new PIC u want to use. It
sells locally for about R5000.00 and every POD for about R50.00 (South
African Rand) wich would make that about $1000 (US) and $10
respectively. This package also supports most of the 8051 Psuedo code
but not all.

Let me now if I can be of any help to u guys.

Thanks again to everybody who contributed.

Jattie van der Linde.

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