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'Thanks 3 buttons to 2 inputs'
1997\12\23@091218 by Jason Wolfson

part 0 2170 bytes
Thanks for all the feedback on my 3 button to 2 input 
I was thinking about John Payson's approach of botton 3 shorting 1 and 2, but I wanted to
make this interrupt driven since it will be a low use input. That would have to be scanned...
besides if I take anymore advice from John on this project
I'm going to have to put his name on the schematics :)
The dual diode approach using RB6 and RB7, with a common
cathode SOT-23 device only adds one small part and with it INT
driven, it will be very hard to hit both buttons at exactly the same time.
Once I get an INT and read the pins I will not re enable INTs until I read
11 on the port again for a DEBOUCE length of time....etc.....
I'm keeping in mind Dave Duley's 1 pin RC approach though!
Thanks again all.
Jason Wolfson

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