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'Technical treasure trove'
1999\10\24@030916 by Russell McMahon

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Someone referred to EG&G inc's accelerometers.
These are excellent products BUT they also sell a vast treasure trove of
technical products -
If you are at all interested in anything technical this site is well worth a

I've included just the A, E and R portions of their index below as an
I seldom multi-post but technophiles of any persuasion are liable to find
this site a treat.
Probably a bit out of the amateur league in many cases but some material
will be useful.

I have no association with EG&G at all - I just wished I owned the company

Index page is at

And home page is

     Russell McMahon

>From another world -

What can one technophile * do?
Help the hungry at no cost to yourself!

(* - or woman, child or internet enabled intelligent entity :-))

A  A.P.U. Enclosures (Aircraft) AC Impedance Systems ALPHA-Cú Seal
ARTHUR multi-wavelength fluoroimager ARTHUR multi-wavelength fluoroimager
ASW Research, Analysis, Systems Evaluation
ATD 400 Automated Thermal Desorber Accelerometers Access Control Systems,
Accessory Mounting Couplings Acoustic Aircraft Engine Exhaust Systems
Acoustics Engineering
Acoustics, Underwater Theory, Design and Testing Acquisition Management
Assistance Acquisition of Products, Services and Systems
Adapters - Cable Advanced Testing and Diagnostics Airborne Survey/Airborne
Lidar Topographic/Terrain Mapping
Alpha Spectrometers Alpha Spectroscopy Amplifiers
Analog-to-Digital Converters Analytical Laboratory Operations Antennas
Arrays, Photodiode Assemblies and Sub-Assemblies, Welded and/or Riveted
Asset Management Services
Astrophysics' Products Page AutoDELFIA automatic immunoassay system
AutoDELFIA automatic immunoassay system
AutoSystem XL GC Automatic Transmission Fluid Testing Automotive Component
Automotive Emissions Testing Automotive Fuels & Lubricants Testing
Automotive Testing

E-Sealú EG&G Portable Cable Analyzer ERCO Stretch-Formed Aluminum and
Titanium Skins
Electric Field Sensors Electrochemical Analyzers Electrochemical Impedance
Measurement System
Electrochemical Instrumentation Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Simulators
Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Testing
Electromagnetic Radiation/EMI/EMC/EMV/HERO Electronic Publishing Electronic
Safe & Arm Devices
Electronic Systems Development Enclosures, A.P.V., Aircraft, Exhaust
Energetic Material Processing
Energy Resource Exploration Engineering, Experimental Engineering, General
Enterprise Network Solutions Environmental Engineering Support Services
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Monitoring Systems Environmental Monitoring Environmental
Environmental Monitoring Exhaust, Aircraft Experimental Test Hardware
Engineering, Design, Fabrication
Exploding Foil Initiators (EFI)

RSL2100 Miniature Xenon Light Source Radar Engineering Radar Measurement
Radar Systems Development Radon Monitoring Equipment Radon Monitoring
Rain Gauge, Self Reporting Ratemeters Real Estate/Operating Businesses
Records Management Reflectors, Coldshields and Optics Remote Monitoring
Research Applications Rigid Joint Rocket Bands and Sheet Metal Formed Rocket
Engine Components
Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) Support Rubidium Frequency Standards (RFS)

1999\10\24@045325 by Peter Keller

thank you for this infos

Russell McMahon schrieb:

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