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'TV/VCR R/C for the disabled'
2000\03\01@145909 by aipi Wijnbergen

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Hi Andy,

A couple of years ago I built a Remote Control unit that was able to learn
any given remote control for any device and then reproduce this by commands
either from the PC or a stored time/command configuration, this was done
with a PIC.

I was thinking that I would integrate it with a voice recognition module
and do exactly what you are trying to do and thought of the same market
share that you are developing for. After some marketing research that I
did, I decided not to continue with this project. But, the idea is still
nice and I hope that someday someone would do this and disabled people
could enjoy it.


At 12:36 01/03/00 +0000, Andy Bassam wrote:
>as a part of my final year project I am building for disabled people. I
>need to control television and telephone using PIC . any
>suggestions welcome

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2000\03\01@160425 by Mark Willis

A 20-second hack for until you get it built's to make an extended "slap
plate" for the mute button (IMO the most frequently used button on a TV
remote!)  The ex-GF used that a lot, was very handy for her;  I used a
piece off a broken CD case, wire tied it onto the base of the remote,
the "hub" section can be cut to just hit the mute switch.

(Still hardware/software problems here, will get a new machine up soon,
just problems getting drivers to work...)


Chaipi Wijnbergen wrote:
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I re-ship for small US & overseas businesses, world-wide.
(For private individuals at cost; ask.)

2000\03\02@143532 by Rodrigo J. Castillo M.

Hi Chaipi,

   I'm new in pics, but i've completed some simple thinks like alarms, leds
blinking , etc.
My new proyect is to make a learning IR control like you did. But  my code
has some fails. I mean, program save and play the data, but i think that
doesn't play what it read. Probably timer troubles. Àcould you showme your
code to take some ideas?. I think that the limited ram space will give me
some troubles for save multiples buttons in a future.

   Thanks in advance. (sorry for my English)

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2000\03\06@102732 by aipi Wijnbergen

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<x-flowed>Hi Rodrigo,

In order to be able to be able to reproduce any IR command, I did the

1. Added 32KB of external RAM.
2. Made a timer routine that was able to measure pulses length and kept
pulse duration in 16 bits for each incoming pulse.
3. Used modulated PWM output at the needed frequency and gated by the pulse
duration as measured.

You can not implement my algorithm without external RAM since each pulse
train was kept as a list of time measurement which was longer then the side
of file registers in the PIC16C74.


At 15:06 02/03/00 -0400, Rodrigo J. Castillo M. wrote:
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>{Original Message removed}

2000\03\06@115305 by Alan Pearce

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>You can not implement my algorithm without external RAM since each pulse
>train was kept as a list of time measurement which was longer then the side
>of file registers in the PIC16C74.

You may wish to use RAM while you develop it, but would it then not make sense
to copy it into external EEPROM. Otherwise you may need to reload it every time
you change the batteries.

I would be very tempted to have the RAM on a daughter board (with a lithium
cell) that plugged into a socket suitable for an EEPROM, so you can remove the
RAM to change the pattern in it or copy it into an EEPROM.

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