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'TR: Erasing of EPROM and OTP?'
1998\12\09@073706 by Seyler, Jean-Yves

 Hello Jochen,

It is still Jean-Yves ...

Beware of the fact that, if your radiations are enough to erase the EPROM,
they will be likely to affect the functionality of the whole PIC !
I've read results of tests that have been made for the space activity in that
sense, and the PICs familly is very sensitive to total dose effects
(functionality loss after current consumption increase) ...

However, if anybody have experience with "plastic EPROM erasure", let me know
; but it might be very difficult to irradiate enough to erase but not enough
to destroy it !


De :  Jochen Feldhaar[SMTP:spam_OUTjfeldhaaTakeThisOuTspamDETEKTOR.DE]
Date : mercredi 9 dŽcembre 1998 11:25
A : pic microcontroller discussion
Cc : Seyler Jean-Yves
Objet : Erasing of EPROM and OTP?

Hello to the list,

I have been wondering if one could use some other kind of radiation to
erase the memory block in a plastic kind of EPROM or OTP microcontrollers,
because UV doen't penetrate plastic...
So I wondered if by using soft (i. e. long-wave) Roentgen radiation it
would be possible to penetrate the IC and transfer the necessary energy to
the memory cells in order to reset them. Of course, too much radiation or
too short a wavelength will damage the crystal structure and the

So I wonder...did anyone on the list do any trials or do you have knowledge
of such methods??
Or is there another way?

(So it might be a good idea to be well acquainted with your local radiology
department in your hospital if this is workable!)
After erasing, they could be "blank checked" by the programmer, I expect
some ICs not to work after the radiation treatment.


Jochen DH6FAZ

1998\12\09@081452 by Jochen Feldhaar

Hello, Jean-Yves,

yes, I still was the bricolage-weekend?
With you being acquainted to "free space"-conditions, of course the cosmic
radiation has very much increased impact for its much higher energy, if
time and place is right. I wonder if the radiation controlled by a voltage
acceleration field can be aligned so that a reproducible power level can be
achieved, that does not harm the IC innards.


Jochen DH6FAZ

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