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PICList Thread
'Synchronous DTMF software'
1999\03\01@183027 by Andrew Russell Morris

I "jumped the gun" on the synchronous detector DTMF decoder.
I was testing synchronous detector software I had created for my employer
and on my digital scope, it appeared to produce a stable output if an
asynchronous input frequency came close to the sample frequency. I got so
exited that I thought I'd discovered something really neat and simple that
I got on the PICLIST and broadcasted it. It turned out on closer
inspection, however that the timing of the output pulse was all over the
place. Upon contemplating responses from the PICLIST, and what I already
knew about (hardware) synchronous detectors, that I was just seeing a beat
effect between the sample and input frequencies. I see no easy way to turn
that into a useful output for a DTMF detector.

The next time I open my mouth on the PICLIST, I will try not to open it
wide enough to put my foot in it. Thanks for your patience and help.

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