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'Symbol Table Full Error'
1999\02\22@084405 by Vincent Deno

I am working on a quite large project using Parallax.  I recently ran into
"Symbol Table Full" errors.  I was able to circumvent the problem for a
short time by removing redundant labels.  Now, all that is left is
subroutine labels and data declarations.

Does anyone have a solution to this annoying delemma (and why would you
place this limitation on an assembler who has virtually unlimited
resources?)  I am trying to avoid writing my own precompiler to resolve
label addresses.

Thanks Again Group,

Vincent Deno
Design Engineer
Theta Digital Corp.
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1999\02\23@055529 by Dr. Imre Bartfai

I am afraid there is no true solution. The problem is the assembler does
not have unlimited resources as you assume. I think it has small memory
model i. e. the data segment where he stores symbols is limited to 64
kByte. You can try to shorten labels. Or get the assembler from mElabs, it
supports also Parallax syntax.
I hope this helps.
P. S. there is a Polish preprocessor I can not recall instantaneously. It
maybe also a solution...

On Mon, 22 Feb 1999, Vincent Deno wrote:

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