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'Surplus PIC tools'
1995\01\26@021652 by Lance Walley

I hope this isn't too commercial...

Over the past year or two, we've developed several PIC development tools.
Most of these have been mid-range downloaders, I/O simulators, etc.  Late
in 1994, we introduced some in-circuit emulators, which are now taking
sales from the earlier tools.

Which brings us to this:  we have several products that we'd like to clear
out.  They're good products, but they're just not in much demand, anymore.
Rather than trash them, we'd like to donate them to schools and
universities.  If you're interested, please let us know.

Hope I haven't ruffled too many feathers.

------------------------  Lance Walley  ---------------------------
                         Parallax, Inc.

1995\01\26@101230 by John M. Johnson

Oh god yes.  My univ has almost nothing in the way of pic tools.  except
the programmer i have.  We would love stuff like that.  Actually we dont
have a lot of hardware at all.  We have crappy scopes and really shitty
HP LA(yech).  Well if i am not number 2K in line and we are worthy let me
know :) btw my address says it all. University of Texas at Dallas.

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John Johnson  Team OS/2 member | |
                  C&H Technologies VXI Plug N' Play member
And the Seventh version of OS/2 raised into the air its bow of blue steel and
cried," It. Is. Done."  Around him lay Bill Gates and Microsoft apps.  Their
evil in this world at an end.
                                       Revelations of InfoWorld, Oct 11 1994

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