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'Supressing fast transients'
2004\06\22@144928 by Hopkins

Had a similar problem with an op amp circuit - fixed by having a 100n
capacitor across the opamps +/- supply pins i.e. between +5v and -5v supply

The transit I was suppressing was a pump start up that caused a transit on
the incoming 230v supply.

But I assume you have caps across all supplies right next to all of your

Roy Hopkins   :-)

New Zealand

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2004\06\25@091536 by hilip Stortz

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i'm not sure if this is applicable to your situation, but one very
clever idea i've seen is to add a series diode before the capacitor, it
blocks negative going transients and effectively doubles the frequency
and halves the amplitude of noise signals.  i've seen this in audio
circuits but it could be useful anywhere there are noise/transient
problems i suspect. having the processor etc. in it's own box and away
from current carrying inductors might also help, nearby wiring can
couple current spikes and fast voltage transients very nicely into
nearby circuitry.

> {Original Message removed}

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