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'Supposed "inverting" slave port...'
1996\06\05@170717 by rdmiller

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First, thanks to all who answered my cry for help.
(Isn't the 'net just the best support you've ever gotten?)

It turns out that it was a dumb hardware problem.  Since we
transplanted our test-head from an OS9 (m68k) system and made
the big migration to Windows 95 I've been thinking in LITTLE_ENDIAN
mode for many months...  and so when I went to read byte zero on
my card I was reading the BIG_ENDIAN *upper* byte instead of
data bits 0-7 like I expected.

Dumb.  Dumb.  Dumb...

Anyway, someone clued me in to the errata sheet which detailed
Parallel Slave Port bugs on the PIC I'm using, so I was able to
implement the described work-arounds even before I figured out
my hardware brain-fart.

So when I called vilBoardVersion() from Visual Basic, fully
expecting to have to track down yet another error...  it reported
all sixty-some bytes of the $Header$ string from its viboard.asm

 Me:  "It worked?  Something must be wrong, try it again."

I'll be going home at 4:30 today, for a change.  HUZZAH!

Rick Miller

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