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'Supplier for 17C44/JW ? In the USA.'
1998\02\26@212614 by ogerio Odriozola

I'm also looking for a 17C44/JW for a Picstart Plus upgrade. Digikey is out
of them, any other place to get just one piece?


spam_OUTadrianTakeThisOuTspamFANGORN.DEMON.CO.UK on 26/02/98 02:33:00 PM

Please respond to .....PICLISTKILLspamspam@spam@MITVMA.MIT.EDU

cc:    (bcc: Rogerio Odriozola/MTY/TVA/Dataflux)
Subject:  Supplier for 17C44/JW ?

Can anyone recommend a UK supplier for a 17C44/JW ? I know Farnell have it,
but I've seen cheaper places advertising here, at least for the more
popular parts.
This one's needed for a Picstart 16B upgrade - Jim Robertson's replacement
code has been made available again, and it's now free of charge
(found at if you're interested).

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