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'Strange components -Reply'
1996\10\11@101335 by Mark Jurras

I use these all the time for linear supply filter caps. The nice thing is
that you don't need the ceramic caps in parallel since the ESR is so good.
They do work the best when the AC is rectified with ideal diodes though.

I have tried the infinite capacitor as a DC blocking capacitor. Didn't work.
I scratched my head till I did the math. Duh.

- -Mark

>>> Steve Hardy <spam_OUThardyTakeThisOuTspamSWENG.STORTEK.COM> 11 October 1996  4:08 pm >>>
This talk about zero ohm resistors reminds me of another favourite
component: the infinite capacitor.  It looks and acts remarkably
similar to the zero ohm resistor.  No matter how much charge you pump
into it, it's terminal voltage is resolutely set at 0V.  I've charged
one at several amps for days on end - I still wonder how it manages to
contain all those kilo-coulombs without exploding!

Canberra, Australia

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