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PICList Thread
'Stop the list, I wanna get off'
1995\08\21@111643 by Jorj Bauer

Okay. I've sent a SIGNOFF PICLIST message to the listserv about a
half-dozen times now. The first time, I got a response that my address
didn't match; the other 5 times I've gotten nothing.

The listserv won't let me REVIEW PICLIST so that I can tell what address
it really wants, either. I've tried e-mailing the supposed owner of the
list, and have heard nothing.

Will someone *please* get me off of this list?


Jorj Bauer                                  |
CETS Network Operations                     |         200 S. 33rd St.
School of Engineering and Applied Science   |   Moore Building, Room 166-A
University of Pennsylvania                  |     Philadelphia, PA 19104         |         (215) 898-0575

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