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PICList Thread
'Starting out.'
2000\01\17@082003 by Russell Farnhill

Hi All,

I want to start using PIC's in my robotic projects.
I am currently using a HandyBoard(68hc11) running IC
which is a interactive C programming environment, I
chose this board because I know nothing of ASM but
have got quite competent in C. I have been looking
through a few PIC lists recently and I am not sure
how to get started in PIC's. I have found a kit
from which seems really good for
beginners and looks like it will make learning ASM
pretty easy (I HOPE). Also you get all the hardware
and simulator software. Has anyone any experiences with
this kit and also could I still use the hardware with
another C compiler if I gave up learning ASM.

Thanks in advance,


2000\01\17@141559 by w. v. ooijen / f. hanneman

picon face
When you are not allergic to other languages that C you coul also check Jal
at http:

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2000\01\18@135820 by chuck

You can program PICs in Basic with our complete beginner packages at:
They will also work with a C compiler or assembly if you want to move
to another language format.
Program in C with the packages from

--- Russell Farnhill <r.farnhillspamKILLspamSTOR-WAVE.CO.UK> wrote:
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Chuck Hellebuyck
Electronic Products
*****Program PICs Like a Pro*********
Complete package for only $299.95
Includes: PBPro Compiler, EPIC Programmer, 16F84 PIC, Cable & Batteries
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