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'Speed problem?'
1996\09\05@045526 by Bardos Csaba

I am new in PIC world, and I have a problem. I have built the AN589
Microchip Application Note, and I use Andy Errington's windows software
to program the PIC16C84. On my computer at home (486DX4 133 - with 8MB of RAM),
it works corretcly. At my workplace it doesn't, exactly it works until
the PIC is erased totally, then the programmer tries to program and I get
an error message, that the programming is not succesfull. I have tried on
two computer - a 286 16 Mhz with 4 MB of RAM, and a 60 Mhz Pentium with
16MB of RAM. When I go home, it works correctly again.
Why doesn't it work at my workplace ? May be speed problem ?
Thanks for any suggestions,


1996\09\05@192312 by hoss karoly

it seems that way
I work with hardware-sensitive software and sometimes the only solution
is to turn cache , bus-clock smartdrive and some tsr-s on or off
I usually turn them off since the Sware is designed to perform on small
it's possible that the bus clock can affect the times too
the simplest idea is to buy the parallax stuff
the humansoft sold me mine and it's very reliable
and the parallax assembly language is tuff to beat

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