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PICList Thread
'Spam on the piclist [OT]'
1997\09\02@091919 by mikesmith_oz

On  2 Sep 97 at 9:10, Frank A. Vorstenbosch wrote:

> > Dear friend:

Not mine he wasn't - I've complained to his ISP, and a couple up the

> > Hope you had a wonderful Labor Day Holiday!  Realizing you have to

Wrong country too!

{Quote hidden}

You forgot - "This is not a pyramid scheme"  & "To remove your name
from this list" :(

> The server could then reply with a helpful message (sO tHAT mIGUEL
> cAN rEPOST hIS mESSAGES).  I'm sure that writing a listserver


> application shouldn't take more than a few days, really.

Indeed, a PC mailer app  with rules could just about manage it on its
own. Set it so it logs on say, every hour, reads messages, filters,
and reposts them to the ppl on the list.  ppl not on the list would
not get thru.  Known spam domains such as savetrees could get a
'nothanks' if they tried to join.
The only downside I see is
- slower response times (1 hour updates)
- annoyed ISP of whoever was running the list.

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