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'Source for PIC17C44s'
1996\10\02@133147 by myke predko

Does anybody know where you can get PIC17C44s (or any PIC17Cxx parts for
that matter)?

Neither Digi-Key nor Future Stock PIC17Cxx Parts.



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1996\10\02@185914 by John Magrane (IsMail)

>>Does anybody know where you can get PIC17C44s (or any PIC17Cxx parts
>>>for that matter)?

At Bell Industries we stock DIP versions of the 17C43 & 4 in 16 & 25 MHz

John Magrane
FAE Bell Industries
408 734-8570

1996\10\03@024003 by andrew proud


   I know of at least one mail order company that has PIC17C42 chips.
Jameco listed them in their May-July Catalog.  The August-October catolog
did not list the 17C42 chips, but I was still able to order them from the
previous catalog anyway.  They also have a web site  Digi-Key
also had the 17C42 chip in their September-October catalog page 102. However,
Jameco is about $3.00 cheaper than Digi-Key.  Hope this helps.

Andy Proud

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