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'Source codes??'
1999\10\20@054153 by PSL

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1999\10\20@062253 by Quentin

Start at Microchip.
Go to Application Notes. There are lots of examples.
Then there are also a lot of private web pages. (Don is on this list)

>From these pages you will find even more.


1999\10\20@062501 by Don McKenzie

> PSL wrote:
> Hi people,
> Do any one have any link to any sites that have lots of source code...
> I am a beginner so hope to learn though source code written by others
> thanks for you help
> regards

Scott Edwards on-line version PIC Source book at may help you.
Basic Stamp One commands converted to MicroChip code at:

Don McKenzie

Don's Download Dungeon:
Australian Electronics Ring
Win $500USD Cash. Micro design contest:

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