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'Sound Card Acting Weird.'
2003\03\08@133902 by michael brown

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Vic Lopez wrote:
> Hello friends,
>      I am looking for some pointers. My sound card is not playing
> songs very well ( both from CD's and from the hard drive ). What it
> does is that as it plays a song, it kind of gets stuck for a second
> it spins on a spot and sounds like a small machine-gun. This
> operation happens like every 5 seconds. I thought it was the sound
> card, but I tried another one and is the same deal. It is VERY
> bothersome.This didn't used to happen. Can you kind people give me
> pointers as to what may be going on? I eliminated potential programs
> running in the bakcground, but to no avail. Thanks in advance. Vic
> Lopez.

Two things:

1)Don't use ISA sound cards any more, they do this nowadays.
2)Could be an interrupt problem.  Either a conflict or the wrong one is
assigned.  Since it works sometimes, it's probably not the wrong IRQ.
In fact it's probably an ISA sound card.

michael brown

"In the land of the blind, he who has one eye is king"

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