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'Sonar Ranging with Radio Shack $24.95 electronic t'
1995\10\30@174313 by John Loch

>>I found an even simpler way of getting sonar range data.  Go to Radio Shack
>>and buy their electronic tape measure for $24.95.
>I thought about hacking that too. Let me know how it works out.
>I particularly interested in the minimum distance you can measure.

>Michael J. Schreck

The minimum distance is 2 feet or 0.60 meters.  The LCD display will
display an error message for any distance below 2 feet.  This is most
probably due to a time delay required after pulsing the ultrasonic element
to allow it to settle before looking for the reflected wave.  The
repeatability is very stable at distances above 2 feet however.

- John Loch
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