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'Some specs on the new Atmel processors'
1996\09\19@220048 by Jeff Otterson/N1KDO

picon face
Here's some specs on the new devices from Atmel.  I'm trying to get some
samples to play with.  I've not heard any words, good or bad on development
tools.  Hopefully, they will emulate Microchip and just give 'em away...

ATMEL AT90S1300 Microcontroller

83 instructions
128 bytes eeprom
1k in system reprogrammable downloadable flash (through spi)
in-circuit programming
32x8 working registers
15 i/o leads
8 bit timer / prescaller
20 pin device
built-in SPI

ATMEL at90s2312

same as above plus

112 instructions
2k flash
full duplex uart
10 bit pwm

Atmel at90s8414

same as above plus
32 i/o leads
8k flash
256 bytes eeprom
serial uart
dual 10 bit pwm
8 bit timer with prescaller
16 bit timer with prescaller
ext and int int sources

The Atmel rep visited yesterday to push the part as a high performance
replacement for pics.  I've got to see just how far he is willing to go to
get me to switch...

On another note, I'm looking for a good electric smoker, of rugged and
weatherproof design, that I can use on my deck to cook ribs and other things
in.  Does anybody have any experience with these?


Jeff Otterson
Maker and user of tools
PGP key available at

1996\09\19@222407 by Robert Lunn

>ATMEL at90s2312
>same as above plus
>112 instructions
>2k flash
>full duplex uart
>10 bit pwm

       An advantage here in having a 20-pin package with
       a built-in UART...

       Apart from that, the pricing would have to be very
       sharp to move an existing design away from a PIC.

       Of course, if these chips are actually code secure ;)


1996\09\20@001206 by William Chops Westfield

face picon face
   The Atmel rep visited yesterday to push the part as a high performance
   replacement for pics.  I've got to see just how far he is willing to
   go to get me to switch...

Intersting.  Atmel is credible contender for the small, reprogrammable,
microcontroller.  I've always had a lot of respect for Microchip's
willingness to address the large number of small-volume users with
OTP and Windowed parts, as well as inexpensive development tools, but
they've always had the masked rom versions as "backup."  Atmel was
addressing a similar market in the 8051 line (with other vendors to
provide the masked rom versions.)

Is this the first microcontroller product that is NOT available in
a masked rom version?


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