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'Some more phony questions. (largely [OT] - see Jam'
1999\11\25@062528 by paulb

Wagner Lipnharski wrote:

> A ringing detection, and audio coupling circuit can be done easily:

 .. and you just happen to have a quantity of the transformers
available on your web site?  ;-)

 Darn!  I can't find the link now.  However, I typed what I knew of it
and lo and behold! came up
auto-magically!  But that wasn't what I really wanted.  Ahh, dear, ain't
all this PC stuff magic?

 It's funny, but you figure *very* large in my Inbox when I started
looking, and mostly messages I haven't read yet.  But I'm presently down
to only 922 unread messages!
       Paul B.

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