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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'Dallas RTC (also: some comarison of 6811 and pic)'
1994\08\29@110911 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\08\29@120212 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\08\29@133121 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\08\29@154045 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\08\30@123908 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\08\31@231340 by -Kellogg High School

'Some IRDA info'
1995\06\14@211130 by James L. Johnson

'Some I/O timimg questions...'
1995\08\30@050901 by Dennis Velthuis
'Some I/O timing questions...'
1995\08\30@102537 by Siegfried Grob
'Some I/O timimg questions...'
1995\08\31@105817 by Mike Schreck
1995\08\31@155057 by Kenny Baby

'Some I/O timimg questions...'
1995\09\01@051717 by Bill Cornutt
'More Old (and Some New) Microchip Literature'
1995\09\27@211827 by Andrew Warren

'Can someone help me understand memory pages?'
1995\12\27@230306 by Mike Goelzer
1995\12\28@050631 by eyal

'Sensing someone (best way ?)'
1996\03\13@170155 by rry W. Ogletree
'Can someone please help?'
1996\03\21@091327 by DAVID COOK (UGRAD)

'I need some direction.'
1996\04\13@173259 by Shawn Hickman
1996\04\13@174958 by John Payson
1996\04\13@233344 by Todd Peterson

'Some circuits.....'
1996\09\06@110412 by Digital Studio S.R.L.
1996\09\06@175147 by donmck
'Some specs on the new Atmel processors'
1996\09\19@220048 by Jeff Otterson/N1KDO
1996\09\19@222407 by Robert Lunn
1996\09\20@001206 by William Chops Westfield

'somebody need's sun/soulborne mboard?'
1996\11\01@082602 by michele
1996\11\01@200411 by Cameron Palmer
1996\11\02@153153 by michele
'Something else going on. Ref: Use of W in movfp '
1996\11\15@091317 by BLEGER
'Something else going on. Ref: Use of W in movfp W,'
1996\11\15@172017 by Craig Knotts
'Seems to be a LOOP somewhere here'
1996\11\22@104115 by Osama ALASSIRY

'Some simple macros'
1996\12\07@235224 by Giles L. Honeycutt
'MPLAB question: How to stimulate pin with some sig'
1996\12\09@204400 by Dmitry Kiryashov
1996\12\10@094059 by myke predko
1996\12\12@054835 by Dmitry Kiryashov
1996\12\12@101948 by myke predko
'A few Questions About Some Interesting Chips'
1996\12\29@203722 by Martin McCormick
1996\12\29@213855 by Nathan Schmidt
1996\12\29@230822 by John E. Nelson

'urgent . can I interupt u all for some code ?'
1997\01\16@092649 by Kerzer Computers

'8K EPROM PIC? (need something compatable with my 1'
1997\02\18@031613 by NEIL GANDLER
1997\02\18@040428 by Eric Smith
1997\02\18@073540 by Andre Champagne

'some code please'
1997\03\10@185424 by Bob
1997\03\10@185814 by Bob
1997\03\10@193514 by Greg Maki
1997\03\11@212514 by John Doe
1997\03\12@005254 by Andrew Warren
'Some TMR1 feature described in DS30234C/62A/A0E1 e'
1997\03\31@083022 by Dmitry Kiryashov

'Where can I found some free stuff...?'
1997\04\11@102335 by Luc Turcotte
1997\04\11@145515 by Micheal Yano
1997\04\12@002234 by Mike Smith
1997\04\12@162154 by Andy Kunz
1997\04\13@180315 by Robert Lunn
1997\04\13@204046 by pfisch
1997\04\13@204052 by Andy Kunz
1997\04\13@223233 by ns
1997\04\13@230525 by Mike Smith

'Part for IR Remote (Somewhat off topic)'
1997\05\12@123334 by Bob Fehrenbach
1997\05\12@124628 by Miller, Steve
1997\05\12@154047 by Reginald Neale
1997\05\12@155934 by Kalle Pihlajasaari
1997\05\12@163218 by Bob Fehrenbach
1997\05\13@045714 by gary skinner
1997\05\13@065049 by Mohamad Shalan
1997\05\13@204321 by Reginald Neale

'Need some ideas-pic circuit'
1997\07\29@211408 by Bill Merson

'Microchip web site missing some important docs?'
1997\08\01@055550 by Eric Smith
1997\08\01@113803 by Shane Nelson
'Some funnies'
1997\08\02@161557 by Mike
'PIC Newbie - requires some help!'
1997\08\11@225301 by Robert Walker
1997\08\12@132357 by David Wong
'OFF TOPIC : Some embedded humor...'
1997\08\23@050825 by STEENKAMP [M.ING E&E]
'Someone interested in getting into PICs.'
1997\08\28@215914 by Herbert Graf

'Someone interested in getting into PICs.'
1997\09\02@002058 by Ian Raymond Douglas
1997\09\02@091310 by paulb
1997\09\02@122750 by ERIC SCHLAEPFER
'[OT] some acronyms'
1997\09\23@074313 by Pasi T Mustalahti
'Pirates at large! (0T or something)'
1997\09\25@133519 by tjaart
'Some Code for Dallas DS1821'
1997\09\25@151848 by Bernd Grunwald
1997\09\27@162949 by Bernd Grunwald
1997\09\29@115623 by myke predko

1997\10\01@210342 by WF AUTOMAのO
1997\10\01@212841 by Bob Lunn
1997\10\03@103337 by WF AUTOMAのO
1997\10\03@113319 by Nic van der Walt
1997\10\03@123504 by WF AUTOMAのO
1997\10\04@064327 by Frans Gunawan
'Accessing some address'
1997\10\06@194218 by WF AUTOMAのO
1997\10\06@222006 by Andrew Warren
1997\10\07@083522 by WF AUTOMAのO
'[OT, somewhat] Windows CE...'
1997\10\09@015827 by William Chops Westfield
1997\10\09@023245 by Andrew Warren
1997\10\09@095023 by Ian Cameron
1997\10\10@070821 by Mike Smith
'I forgot something'
1997\10\11@190540 by Jonathan M. Newport
1997\10\12@104859 by Darrel Johansen
1997\10\12@170435 by Eric van Es
1997\10\12@190456 by Clyde Smith-Stubbs
1997\10\13@025008 by Mike Smith
1997\10\13@100418 by Darrel Johansen

'Desperately Seeking, umm... Someone.'
1997\11\24@165239 by Andrew Warren

'Wanted Scoreboards(Somewhat Off topic)'
1997\12\03@154637 by Raak, Cory
'[OT] looking for some obsolete parts (altera)'
1997\12\03@170532 by Harrison Cooper
'[OT]Help with some hex. (Challenge)'
1997\12\11@121107 by Paul BRITTON
1997\12\11@150656 by Andrew Mayo
1997\12\11@150757 by Martin R. Green
1997\12\11@153111 by John Payson
1997\12\11@153545 by jcp
1997\12\11@212852 by Andrew Mayo
1997\12\11@222742 by Walter Banks
1997\12\11@235245 by Andrew Mayo
1997\12\12@001959 by Don McKenzie
1997\12\12@052919 by Keith Howell
1997\12\12@165647 by BobBuege
1997\12\13@160956 by BobBuege
1997\12\15@025014 by ruben
1997\12\15@031753 by Eric Smith
'Question on writing i/o II (some admendment)'
1997\12\23@091427 by tsk196

'some one must have build a talking clock before?'
1998\01\27@134042 by sam Haile
'someone must have build a talking clock before????'
1998\01\28@003401 by sam Haile
1998\01\28@050520 by Glen Benson
1998\01\28@081840 by Charles Laforge
1998\01\29@032753 by Nicholas Uloth
1998\01\29@154853 by wft

'porting 16f84 code to something bigger'
1998\02\05@044238 by Richard & Carolyn
1998\02\06@044232 by paulb
1998\02\06@113112 by Brian Schousek
1998\02\07@012131 by Russell McMahon
1998\02\07@215855 by Tom Gretton
'(OT) sort of - Some USB "information"'
1998\02\12@145144 by Russell McMahon

'Share some web address'
1998\03\14@085320 by EFRAIN_TORRES

'[OT] Something wrong with the listserv?'
1998\04\02@170401 by Sean Breheny
'R: [OT] Something wrong with the listserv?'
1998\04\02@183906 by Dr. Leonardo De Palo
'[OT] Something wrong with the listserv?'
1998\04\02@185403 by ndie Ohtsji [4555]
1998\04\02@190107 by John Griessen
1998\04\03@051234 by Steve Lawther
1998\04\03@075833 by Mark Lezama
'hel, chip business sell me something :)'
1998\04\06@080525 by sajjad.akhtar
'ITUTECH, Someone from ???'
1998\04\13@224634 by Cesar E. H. White
1998\04\14@130237 by chris
'Anyone want to sell some tested HiTech C code for '
1998\04\21@155619 by Craig Lee
'[OT] TCM3105NE - someone looking for these?'
1998\04\24@181001 by Harrison Cooper

'MPLAB 3.40 crashes at breakpoint! Sometimes...'
1998\05\02@172707 by Morgan Olsson
1998\05\02@200834 by Darrel Johansen
1998\05\03@065823 by Morgan Olsson
1998\05\03@222101 by Larry G. Nelson Sr.
1998\05\04@050706 by Andy David
1998\05\04@074258 by
1998\05\04@093100 by Andy David
1998\05\04@114757 by robert bowman
1998\05\04@135241 by Calvin
1998\05\04@175009 by Morgan Olsson
'Q: Is there some sort of spam blocking robot activ'
1998\05\11@124724 by Peter L. Peres
1998\05\11@130626 by Pavel Korensky
1998\05\11@151140 by Andrew Warren

'High-pwr out, some assem. req'd,'
1998\06\14@215700 by John P. Leonard
1998\06\15@130720 by Thomas McGahee
1998\06\15@234429 by Hans Blichfeldt
1998\06\16@011114 by Andy Kunz
1998\06\26@153943 by eas Dante

'What Schematic/PCB software to use - some addition'
1998\07\06@145009 by Montaigne, Mike
1998\07\06@153321 by Smargiassi
1998\07\06@155827 by Max Toole
1998\07\06@160317 by Dave Miga
1998\07\06@165009 by mwalsh
1998\07\06@194238 by nino.benci
1998\07\06@195418 by David VanHorn
1998\07\07@090216 by Smargiassi
1998\07\07@092809 by Pavel Korensky
1998\07\07@101717 by Craig Webb
1998\07\07@103910 by AA9LA
1998\07\07@121050 by Dan Larson
1998\07\07@123627 by Bob Shaver
1998\07\07@124945 by Pavel Korensky
1998\07\07@132913 by William Chops Westfield
1998\07\12@204804 by marcel
1998\07\13@050919 by Morgan Olsson
1998\07\13@064150 by Caisson
1998\07\14@023752 by David Peterson (NOSPAM)
'Some help please ?'
1998\07\14@065042 by Cable tv
'What Schematic/PCB software to use - some addition'
1998\07\14@074645 by Caisson
'Some help please ?'
1998\07\14@124053 by David Reinagel
1998\07\14@155305 by Alex Torres
'was someone looking for a multi-pc to single monit'
1998\07\30@094959 by Harrison Cooper

'[OT] For those doing JavaBeans apps, I have some i'
1998\08\05@172945 by Harrison Cooper
1998\08\06@050229 by Ake Hedman
1998\08\07@052851 by Claudio Rachiele IW0DZG
'Some PLCC 17C43's for trade'
1998\08\27@143059 by acom Systems, Inc.

'SmartCards - Here is some pointers that some might'
1998\09\03@123307 by Harrison Cooper
1998\09\04@170456 by Pete Klammer
'A question from someone getting started'
1998\09\18@153327 by Kelly Schauf
1998\09\19@032745 by paulb

'Unused PIC Pins tied to GROUND? - somewhat OT'
1998\11\05@085244 by Harrison Cooper
'Someone made a printerbuffer?'
1998\11\13@061530 by Radboud Verberne
1998\11\18@095008 by Roberto Marchini
1998\11\19@095742 by Radboud Verberne
1998\11\22@150906 by paulb
'How to switch a SCR? , Please some ideas...'
1998\11\28@141724 by Ricardo Ponte G
1998\11\28@182309 by Eric Borcherding

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