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'Simple plain language CAN tutorial'
1999\10\13@223313 by John Mullan

I would like to learn a little about CAN.  I can deal with programming PICs
and assembling some hardware but don't want to follow a long winded
tutorial on CAN.

What I would like most is a simple tutorial with some sample source code to
hook two 16C84 chips together (I have 3 dozen of them in my kit) and

Is this available.  Can anybody provide this for me???

Much appreciated in advance :)

John Mullan

1999\10\14@014959 by Russell McMahon

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From: John Mullan <spam_OUTjmullanTakeThisOuTspamCGOCABLE.NET>

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No PIC stuff but  a good CAN intro at



     Russell McMahon

>From another world -

What CAN :-) one man* do?
Help the hungry at no cost to yourself!

(* - or woman, child or internet enabled intelligent entity :-))

1999\10\14@023023 by Peter Keller

Russell McMahon schrieb:

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why not ?
I used the Philips PCA82C200 in many project. Actually all of them on the data-/
& addressbus.
But if you need CAN only for a secure datatransportation you would be able the
connect the chip to the i/o's.

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1999\10\14@102708 by Matt Bonner

Russell McMahon wrote:
> No PIC stuff but  a good CAN intro at

Here's another:


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