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'Simple Pascal Compiler for PIC'
1995\02\07@163233 by Ian Munro

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Dear all,

As there has been a lot of interest in C compilers for the PIC, I
thought people might be interested in my current attempt at a Pascal
compiler for the 16C84.
The compiler needs ms windose and can successfully compile
simple pascal programs. It produces hex files with which i've
programmed a 16C84 (and it acutally worked!).
The compiler is still very much in the early stages of development,
but if anyone wants to get it then the src and exe's then they
are ftpable at
I would be interested to hear if people think it is worth carrying on
with or if it's a waste of time and space.


Ian Munro - Electronic Engineering
University of Hertforshire, College Lane,
Hatfield, Hertforshire.
Tel:  +44(0) 1707 284160

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