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PICList Thread
'Should I Post KEYPAD Program? - Files posted'
1999\03\20@153130 by Andy Stephenson


I have posted the revelant files on my site. They can be found at:



At 11:35 20/03/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Dear PICsters,
>I have just finished a little PIC project, and I want to know whether or
not it would
>be appropriate to send the full listing which is about 40K to the PIC List.
>I do not currently have a web site that I can post the information on,
otherwise I would
>simply do so and post the URL.
>The code is heavily commented, so it might be useful for beginners and
others to look
>at to see an example of a complete project. The assembly code comments
include info
>on the actual hardware (very simple) and PIC pinouts used.
>I also have the printed circuit board layout and schematics and parts
>diagrams all in one AutoCad DWG file, for those who have access to
AutoCad. I could
>convert this to DXF format if that would allow more people to use it.
>Here is a description of the circuit and software:
>The hardware consists of a PIC 16C84 or PIC 16F84, a 16 key xy matrix keypad,
>a 4.00 Mhz resonator with built-in caps, a red and a green LED, 2 330 ohm
>resistors, 1 4.7K resistor, 1 10K resistor, a printed circuit board, 10
pin header,
>one general purpose NPN transistor such as MPSA05, and one 5 V PCB DPDT
>The PCB design also has a general purpose 5 volt regulator circuit on it
>to allow operation from a 12VAC wall-wart type transformer. This part of the
>circuit uses 4 1N4001 (or greater) diodes, a 220 ufd cap, a 10 ufd cap, and
>a 5 volt regulator such as a 7805.
>The keypad used is made by Grayhill and has an 8 pin connector on the
back. I believe
>that Jameco has the same keypad that I am using, but with a 9 pin connector
>(unless their catalog is in error and it is really an 8 pin connector). The
>keypad has 0-9 and also LOAD   CLR   ENT   RUN  and UP and DOWN arrows.
>The user gets the unit's attention and synchronizes the program by hitting
the CLR
>key. The CLR (CLeaR) key is handled special, and ANY time the CLR key is
>hit, it will cause the program to synchronize and begin regular entry. To
>indicate that a key is being pressed, the normally-on RED LED will go off
>for the duration of any keypress. When the CLR key is released the GREEN LED
>will flash once to indicate that the program is synchronized and ready for
>regular input.
>The user can now enter any one of eight valid entry code sets. Each entry
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1999\03\23@013548 by Mark Willis

Good answer, guys (I was going to suggest,,, and so on if anyone wanted to find
free web space.  4 off the top of my head - one side benefit of learning
how to chase SPAMmers is that you find ALL, and I mean ALL, of the free
& anonymous services available on the web - SPAMmers are so cheap I find
it pretty hilarious, if they're making as much money as they represent,
they'd not be that cheap <G>)  Thanks, Andy!


Andy Stephenson wrote:
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