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'Sharp IS1U60'
1997\05\10@092352 by Giorgio Alboni

I'm working on a circuit whit a pic16c84 and a Sharp IS1U60.
This circuit must receive a signal form a television remote control and
tourn on the right relay. There is someone that's now which television
remote control is compatible whith the Sharp IS1U60 and the transmission
Thank you.
Alboni Giorgio
Faenza (Ra) ITALY

1997\05\10@095720 by rtracy

The Sharp IS1U60 just a standard 38khz opic sensor.  If the remote you
are using is just somewhere near 38khz the sensor will still work.  I
don't know what the data looks like coming from your remote, but it must
meet certain specs.  On the IS1U60 you need a burst of 38khz IR light
for at least 600us.  When the sensor sees the correct burst it will pull
pin one low.  If you can't get close to 38khz and need a little more
range try the GP1U58X series.  They are have many diffrent center freq
to choose from.

Rob Tracy
FotoShield Controls

Giorgio Alboni wrote:
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