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'Setting configuration bits in 18c452'
1999\11\05@124134 by Harold M Hallikainen

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       I'm moving some code from the 16c74 to the 18c452 and having
trouble setting the configuration bits on the 18c452 using MPLAB 4.12.12
.  Below is a portion of the absolute listing (sorry about the line
       The 18c452 uses little endian ordering, so the WORD at 0x300000
has the low byte at 0x300000 and the high byte at 0x300001.  Looking at
the first config word in the listing, we find the assembler came up with
0x020F while it APPEARS it should've come up with 0x22FF.  So, it looks
like the assembler is clearing the high nibble of each byte.
       Any ideas on what I (or the assembler) am doing wrong, and how to
fix it?



                    00201   IFDEF __18C452
                     00202         __CONFIG        0X300000, 0XFF
 ; No code protect
300000 020F           00203         __CONFIG        0X300001, B'100010'
 ; Oscillator switch disabled, HS oscillator
                     00204         __CONFIG        0X300002, B'10'
 ; Brown out resets at 4.5V, power up timer enabled
300002 0102           00205         __CONFIG        0X300003, B'1'
 ; WDT enabled with postscaler of 128
300004 01FF           00206         __CONFIG        0X300005, B'1'
 ; CCP2 muxed with RC1, just like 16c74
300006 FF03           00207         __CONFIG        0X300006, B'11'
 ; Reset on stack under/overflow
                     00208   ENDIF

Harold Hallikainen
Hallikainen & Friends, Inc.
See the FCC Rules at and comments filed
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