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'Setting TMR0 (datasheet in error)'
1999\02\25@150619 by JScarfon

There was no interest in the answer to this question when I posed it last
week and once before but since then Wade Phipps of Microchip has confirmed
for me that there IS indeed an error in the 16F84 (and probably other)

A recap:
Page 27 has a timing diagram for setting TMR0.  There is one too many
inhibit cycles after TMR0 is set.  Everywhere else I've seen that the delay
should be two instructions instead of three.

Maybe this will help someone out somewhere.  I know I was confused by it
when reading Myke Predko's PIC book.  Mr. Predko had a reprint of this
diagram.  I think there is also a TMR0 document from Microchip with the same

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