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'Serious complaint about VIRUS ATTACHMENT [OT]'
1999\06\10@022159 by Dr. Imre Bartfai

I can believe (I think so) one - and mike - may have the knowledge to
judge an OS. One do not need to be the developer of that OS (in contrary).
In fact, Windows is more vulnerable, and has more bug than e. g. Linux. It
depends of the marketing & development policy and the organisational
structure (Microsoft is a huge firm which must make profit vs. the Linux
community.). And - you believe or not - Linux has an open source modell
which is the best mean against bugs.

People could let to choose what they want, if they make a real decision
process knowing alternatives, pros & cons. Please keep in mind, that costs
for ads instead of costs for development & testing does not guarantee a
good quality (only high amount of sales but this is a completely different
thing, even if they argue with this high sales quote).


On Wed, 9 Jun 1999, Raffaele Rialdi wrote:

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