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'Serial RAM interest.'
1995\07\20@125159 by Mark A. Corio

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Last week I posted an inquery for people interested in serial interfaced RAM
for the PIC's.  I received a reply from three people, each with widlely
different requirements: from a 128-byte device in a TO-92 package for $3.50
to a 32Kbyte device in a SIP package for $52.00.  All were interested in
single to low quantities.  If anyone is intereseted in a custom solution we
can do development work for them but there does not appear to be enough
interest here to develop a standard product at this time.  Thanks to those
who responded to my initial request.

Mark A. Corio
Rochester MicroSystems, Inc.
200 Buell Road, Suite 9
Rochester, NY  14624
Tel:  (716) 328-5850
Fax:  (716) 328-1144

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