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PICList Thread
'Serial Programmers'
1994\05\11@183214 by Don Lekei

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> ... It would be nice if it used the serial port,
>  so those of us with non-IBM-PC computers can use it....

I have been using a serial programmer for years which is completely ASCII
controlled and quite portable. It's from Baradine Products in North
Vancouver, BC. And it's not very expensive. It programs EPROMS, EEPROMS,
and microcontrollers including PIC 5X, 7X, 8X, 17c42 (and 6X is comming).
It uses the serial mode for 6x+ parts so you can use it for in-circuit

I have written a (sorry, DOS) based command line programmer for it (so it
can be used from a makefile) which is available on the MICROCHIP BBS.

Without trying to sound like an ad (I am not in any way connected with
Baradine) they can be contacted at 800-668-7886 (north america) or (604)


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