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'Serial LCD Interace using 16F84'
1998\10\31@112433 by enpassant

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I'm a new PIC tinkerer and would like to use a PIC 16F84 as a serial
interface to a 16x2 LCD (Hitachi HD44780).  Much like the typical
"back-packs" for the Stamps.  I've been reading Myke Predko's
"Programming and customizing the PIC.."  His sample serial LCD program
is written for a 16C85/16C54.  Will this code work on the 16F84?  Also,
does anyone have any sample code I could look at.  I'm particularly
interested seeing how to create the serial data in code.  Thanks.

1998\10\31@114348 by Michael Hagberg

on the site look under the application notes. there is an
app note on RS232 communications (i think for the 54).


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'Serial LCD Interace using 16F84'
1998\11\01@070432 by Les
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In reply to The request for an LCD serializer project, a couple of months
ago I came accross an excellent little project on the net written by Tom
Coonan An LCD serializer using a 54 pic I have adapted it to use the F84 or
C84 and it works a treat I bult it on a small piece of veroboard. It has 2
switchable baud rates 2400 and 9600 and switchable 1 or 2 lines I think it
is now sold as the backpack or something anyway I have put an attachment
file with it in and the diagram Have fun and I hope it helps you

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1998\11\01@113020 by cousens

Les wrote:
> Hello to everyone on this fine sunday morning
> In reply to The request for an LCD serializer project, a couple of months

It's not a good idea to post files this big on the list, as I'm
sure lots of other people are going to point out.
Getting it on a web site for download is better

Having said all that, Thanks for the file.
I don't have a specific use for it at the moment,
but I've saved it for latter, a useful bit of code.

Do you know much about driving the LCD, I am going to try
changing a program (that I did not write), to drive the LCD
in 4 bit mode to give me 4 spare I/O pins.I know as data lines
they can also be use as inputs, but not as outputs.

This serial lcd program would also be a good candidate for such
a modification, enabling it to do much more than just drive the
LCD, four I/O and lots of code space(your code uses only 1/4) great.

Peter Cousens
email:  phone: + 3081 380534
snailmail:  Folia, Agia Fotini, Karteros, Heraklion  Crete, Greece.

1998\11\01@123308 by enpassant

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I've been experimenting with Optrex LCD displays which generally use the
Hitachi HD44780 Driver chip.  You can find the data sheets for that chip at the
Hitachi web page.  Go to and search
for HD44780.  Then click on HD44780U (LCDII) or something close to that.  The
documentation shows how to use the LCD in 4 or 8 bit mode and lots more
stuff..  Hope this leads to many exciting projects.  Please post and good ones.

Peter Cousens wrote:

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1998\11\01@124557 by Gabriel Gonzalez

A few days ago I offered among others a FREE Serial LCD Interfase board. I
still have a few left.

It is the bare board, and is designed for a 16C61, but I believe it is
compatible with the 'X84.

I cannot provide the code for the PIC, but I can provide a programmed one.
But anyway it is relatively easy to program using code snippets from the
list or using code available in some of the PIC books available.

This board was designed for LCDs with 1x14 pin header interfase.

Gabriel Gonz‡lez
TGO Electr—nica

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1998\11\02@130448 by myke predko


Yes, the sample code will work on the 16F84.  If you look in Appendix "C" of
the book, I have included code which can be used for serial I/O.


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Steven Hunter's "The Second Saladin" is my Book of the Week.

Also look at:

for information on "Handbook of Microcontrollers" which has been named the
Main Selection for November 1998 for the Electronics Book Club!

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