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'Serial Interface Question [PIC related]'
1999\09\05@033141 by kfisk

I am working on a system (yes, PIC) which uses a serial interface protocol
based on ASCII characters. I'm doing the Embedded side and was wondering if
anyone knows of a terminal program which would send out characters of the

"[STX]A5B8E00[ETX]"      ; no quotes, but the rest applies

this translates to a serial stream

0x02    ; [STX] - this is fixed in the protocol
0x41    ; "A"   - could be any ASCII character
0x35    ; "5"   - ditto
0x42    ; "B"
0x38    ; "8"
0x45    ; "E"
0x30    ; "0"
0x30    ; "0"
0x03    ; [ETX] - this is fixed in the protocol

I'm trying to test my code without the serial program (written by another)
but still connected to the computer. One last thing, I don't want any
carriage return(CR) or line feed(LF) until at least after the "ETX".

It's been a while but I seem to recall some old terminals (VT100?) which did
something like above using timeouts on the keyboard?

I would be very appreciative to anyone out there with helpful hints. TIA.



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