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'Sending files'
1996\06\04@213339 by engmessi

My e-mail software (Eudora) prompts me before receiving the file, so there
is no major problem for me. But I understand some of us seem to be unable to
refuse it, and/or use slow modems, so I also believe the best idea would be
to use an ftp site somewhere.

But I think we should consider his intentions. This is not a spam or
anything like that...

Some are even talking about not being polite... Well, for me this is basic.
I learned to be polite much before learning microprocessors or to access

I would like to say that this list is normally very friendly, and we should
keep it this way.

Pedro Drummond
Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Pedro Drummond
Engenharia Mestra de Sistemas / SP / Brasil
Tel: 55-11-883.4799  Fax: 55-11-883.4926

1996\06\04@234314 by engmessi

>I use eudora too, the win95 32-bit version 1.5.4
>I checked the options menu and looked for this feature
>but I can't find it.  How do you turn it on so it will
>prompt you if you want to recieve the attachments?
>Thanks for any help,
>Dennis Hromin

Hi, Dennis.

I use version 1.4.4, and I don't really know yours, but in my version I
choose menu item 'Special', then 'Configuration'. Last item there is the
Auto-receive attachment directory. Well, I leave this box unchecked and no
directory defined. That's all.

Hope your version is the same.

Before someone says this is a non-PIC related message, I claim that I
believe it could help many people.


Pedro Drummond
Sao Paulo, Brazil

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