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'Selling design'
1999\08\27@023938 by harryf

Hi All,

Do you know the site where we can sell our design in electronics. I mean
we offer some projects, including of all informations, they buy from us
and publish or whatever they want to do, and we get a money through
credit card or cheque. In another word, we work on remote. (like a

Sorry, my question is out of PIC topic.

Thank you.


1999\08\27@140422 by Mark Willis

Semi-OT, but not hugely so;  More'n one person has been known to mention
their web site on the list <G>  Quick overview, maybe do more research
on the web etc. (Not knowing where you are at, we cannot suggest other

For very small businesses, you could just mention that you're doing
business, as you have here, and let interested people find you.  (I do
some re-shipping, basically that way, works well.)

If you want to do lots more business, I believe the usual procedure is
to get a co-hosted business web page, some business sites provide the
money-handling services as part of the monthly bill for your web site;
Your web pages sit on their servers.  You definitely want to design a
decent web page first (Or have it done for you?) - You then want to go
register that web site on the search engines of your choice (Basically
ALL search engines, if you can, so people looking for it can find it.) and are done this
way, for 2 examples (Not to mention &, but I believe they do their own sites?)

If you're lucky enough to have DSL or a cable modem, you may be able to
host your own web server, for a smaller business that could work well,
you'd want a GOOD, reliable machine, of course.  Plan to move to
co-hosting later, definitely.

I'm no expert on all this.  Just know somewhat about the 'Net.


Harry Febianto wrote:
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