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'Saving W & STATUS from Interrupt using SWAP, AN585'
1995\10\02@100438 by Scott Stephens

>Subject: Saving W & STATUS from Interrupt using SWAP, AN585 and RTOS's
>I was checking out AN585 Real time operating system and noticed that the
author uses:
>before the Interrupt service routine to save the W and Status registers.
Why use SWAPF STATUS,W ? I can see that if STATUS happens to be 0, the Z
flag would be set but that would happen AFTER the current status was saved
in TEMP_Stat, wouldn't it? Is there another reason?
>And does anyone have any other suggestion and/or ideas for multitasking and
reenterant code? I like the examples given, but have trouble getting my
routines to cooperate adapting it to the interrupt and single timer on a 16C84.

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